PLUs / CEUs and Certifications

Professional Learning Opportunities

Educators know that keeping their professional credentials current is a professional and personal responsibility.

AEA is a leader in providing its members free professional learning opportunities through its statewide conferences and regional professional learning events. These opportunities include session offerings to earn credits toward Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and/or to begin working on professional studies to earn Professional Learning Units (PLUs).

The Alabama State Department of Education requires that educators who hold Professional Leadership Certification earn Professional Learning Units (PLUs) to maintain their certification and that educators who hold Professional Educator Certification earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs). AEA is recognized by the SDE as a state-approved professional development provider of these units.

The Education Policy and Professional Practice (EPPP) Department designs and offers professional studies to begin working on PLUs at state and regional professional learning events around the state. These opportunities are free to AEA members. The fee for non-members is $250 for CEUs and $500 per professional study for a PLU.

To learn more about AEA’s professional development opportunities email Dr. Pamela Fossett.