NEA Foundation awards $5K Student Achievement Grant to Trinity educators

The NEA Foundation awarded a $5,000 Student Achievement Grant to Trinity teachers Brandi Ashby and Melanie Dickerson to “bring history to life.”

Ashby and Dickerson, English Department chair and History Department chair, respectively, teach at West Morgan High School in Trinity, Alabama.

The project entitled, “Live in Your Classroom. Play in Ours…,” is an innovative, cross-curricular program of study designed to reach students on their level and allow them the opportunity for hands-on activities.

The program also includes interactive play that promotes friendly competition through trivia and gaming and provides cooperative learning opportunities for teachers as well as students.

One goal of the project, according to Ashby and Dickerson, is to bring history to life in order to help the students retain a more realistic viewpoint on historical people and events.

The two teachers engage in cross-curricular lessons, tying historical information to literature and art through differentiated instruction and structured lessons.

Another goal of the project is to reach the students on their level through technology, gaming and competition.

Additionally, the goal is to communicate with the students on their level through social media.

Student learning will be measured through various forms of formative assessments.

The project began in October with a study on the history of the British Monarchy, Parliament, and the Gun Powder Plot.

Students created their own Guy Fawkes masks and held a bonfire on Guy Fawkes Night to burn the class effigy.

Members of the community and other high school students were invited to help celebrate and build school spirit.

In November and December, students collaborated to complete a unit of study on the Dark Ages and Medieval time period.

At the conclusion of the study the class experienced a Medieval feast with each student utilizing the knowledge they learned by dressing as a member of one of the social classes and preparing a dish representing that time period.

March-April, will usher in Wonderland Weeks. This is an in-depth study on Lewis Carroll and the societal differences between his time and period and the present day regarding church and photography/art.

The class will participate in a novel study of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Students will end the study with a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and a promotion of Physical Education though the Wonderland Games, including the Queen’s croquet and other outdoor activities as part of a two-day Wonderland Extravaganza.

The NEA Foundation is a public charity supported by contributions from educators’ dues, corporate sponsors, and others who support public education initiatives.

The foundation partners with education unions, districts, and communities to create powerful, sustainable improvements in teaching and learning.

The NEA Foundation awards grants to educators three times a year. The next grant application deadline is February 1, 2014.

A link to application forms and a video with step-by-step instructions on completing the application can be found here.

Date: 01/17/14
Category: Announcements

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