Dangers of Privatization

AEA’s Stand: Privatization is used to keep school systems from having to pay decent wages and provide benefits for its employees. When school systems privatize their jobs – bus drivers, cafeteria employees, janitors, teacher aides, etc. – they are no longer required to pay health care costs or retirement benefits. They simply hire an outside company who often hires employees with little or no ties to the community. When the school district no longer has direct control over the services it is responsible for delivering, the parent no longer has direct access to the provider of the service. Also, as more services are privatized, public schools move from being open and accountable systems to being closed and secretive. Private companies cannot be held to the same standard of public scrutiny as school districts because they are not subject to the same requirements for open meetings, public information, and public input.

Date: 01/14/13
Category: Issues

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