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The Remington v. Swindle litigation challenging the actions of the PEEHIP Board is still making its way through the courts. On Thursday, November 12, both sides filed another round of legal briefs with the court. A hearing is tentatively set for December 9 for Judge Johnny Hardwick to hear arguments from both sides’ attorneys on […]

Date: 11/19/16
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Conference Registration Information: To register for a conference, you must enroll on Chalkable PD using the PD Title Numbers below. PLU Standard 5 (PD Title Number: PLUACLD336) Continuing Education Units (CEUs) Only (PD Title Number: AEATL1617) Attendance at a conference is only the beginning of a professional study to earn a PLU. Online requirements must […]

Date: 11/15/16
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Click here to view the 2016-17 Meet the Candidates guide. AEA PRESIDENT Capt. Tom Daniel Michael Wesley, Jr. Sherry Tucker Bobby J. Pierson Sylvester James AEA VICE PRESIDENT David Holt Amelia McCord Couch Bernard Sanderson NEA ALTERNATE DIRECTOR Susan Williams Brown Nashasta Craig-Pollard AEA BOARD DISTRICT 1 DIRECTOR Ashlee Kimpel Kimberly Windham AEA BOARD DISTRICT 1 DIRECTOR (UNEXPIRED) […]

Date: 11/10/16
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The Alabama Education Retirees Association, Inc. founded the Alabama Education Retirees Foundation, Inc. to provide scholarships for educators in Alabama’s public schools. The program is open to certified and non-certified school personnel. Applicants must be active AEA members. (more…)

Date: 11/04/16
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(Montgomery) A hearing was held this morning in Judge Johnny Hardwick’s courtroom in Montgomery in Remington v. Swindle, also known as the PEEHIP case. In an important ruling to protect AEA members, Judge Hardwick directed from the bench that any premium or surcharge increases collected by PEEHIP that were approved at the April 27 board […]

Date: 09/23/16
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The Education Policy and Professional Practice (EPPP) Department hosts statewide and regional professional learning conferences for the purposes of promoting state and local programs for the improvement of teaching and learning and fostering professional development of AEA members to hone leadership skills. Recognizing NBCT members possess a great deal of experience and expertise to be […]

Date: 09/20/16
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  AEA’s lawsuit to stop the PEEHIP increases set to take effect October 1 is ongoing in Montgomery County Circuit Court. AEA officials spoke with PEEHIP staff this morning regarding a letter some of you received concerning the spousal surcharge increase. PEEHIP indicated they sent the letter in error and they are in the process […]

Date: 08/01/16
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After the Public Employees Health Insurance Plan (PEEHIP) Board met and conducted business in secret on April 27, 2016, the Alabama Education Association filed a lawsuit against the Board for violating the Open Meetings Act. On Tuesday, May 17, AEA held a press conference and received wide media coverage throughout the state regarding the matter. (more…)

Date: 06/09/16
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Baldwin County teachers and support professionals showed up en masse to support paraprofessionals at a May 19 Baldwin County Board of Education (BCBOE) Board meeting. (more…)

Date: 06/09/16
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The 2016 AEA Leadership Conference, held in Mobile June 16-18, 2016, boasts sessions on organizing, advocacy, educators and social media, school budgets, PEEHIP, legislative updates, and much more. AEA Executive Director Dr. Brenda Pike will be speaking to conference participants on Friday, June 17, during the lunch program. This will be Dr. Pike’s first AEA conference […]

Date: 06/03/16
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