United States Supreme Court victory: AEA member wins major case on free speech and whistle-blower rights

The Alabama Education Association (AEA) is pleased that a unanimous United States Supreme Court agreed with our position that educators should not be terminated for giving truthful testimony in court.

The Lane v. Franks decision protects educators who were placed in the horrible position of being subject to retaliation if their supervisors did not like them telling the truth.

“This is an important victory for truth, for our system of justice, and for educators. This case should also serve as an example of why educators need a strong association to support them, one with unparalleled resources to take cases to the U.S. Supreme Court when necessary and appropriate,” said AEA Associate Executive Secretary Gregory T. Graves.

Graves added, “While we feel the Court should have gone further in creating a rule protecting the sworn testimony of public employees, we are nevertheless pleased with Mr. Lane’s victory, which also serves as a victory for all public employees who exercise their First Amendment rights.”

AEA has represented Edward Lane as an association member since he was wrongly fired by Central Alabama Community College for giving truthful testimony in the two-year college corruption scandal in 2009. AEA will continue representing Lane as the case returns to the lower courts for further litigation.

Date: 07/08/14
Category: Political

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