Recommendations for service on AEA Commissions

AEA President Anita Gibson is seeking members who would like to become more active in association work at the state level by volunteering to serve on one of seven standing commissions. These commissions serve a variety of functions within the association including generating and submitting resolutions for consideration by the Delegate Assembly.

AEA standing commissions include:

  • Legislative Commission
  • Education Policy and Professional Practice (EPPP) Commission
  • Professional Rights and Responsibilities (PR&R) Commission
  • Policies and Procedures Commission
  • Budget Commission
  • Resolutions Commission
  • Public Relations Commission

Members serve three-year terms and rotate on a staggered basis.

Participation on more than one commission at any given time is prohibited. The term for serving on a commission begins July 15. Most commissions meet only once a year.

Duties of each commission vary within the association.

The Legislative Commission has the responsibility of proposing and submitting to the Delegate Assembly a federal and state legislative program dealing with members’ concerns on governance, funding, programs, retirement, and member benefits.

The EPPP Commission will provide leadership in addressing expressed member needs, and will provide leadership in the exploration of more meaningful ways for practitioners to recognize, incorporate, and deal effectively with students and societal values in the classroom.

The Budget Commission drafts and recommends AEA’s budget to the Board of Directors.

The Resolutions Commission edits and synthesizes resolutions that are considered during the association’s annual business meeting.

The Public Relations Commission is responsible for recommending a public relations program that will build a positive public image for education and the association.

The purpose of the Professional Rights and Responsibilities (PR&R) Commission is to protect the professional welfare of all members. To this end, the objectives of the commission are: to defend members of the teaching profession and the cause of education against unjust attacks; to investigate controversies involving teachers and in the public interest; to encourage the development and use of personnel policies that attract and retain competent professional personnel and prevent unnecessary difficulties; to cooperate with the Legislative Commission in improvement and extension of state tenure legislation; and to promote the conditions of academic freedom under which teachers may safely teach the truth without fear or favor.

The Policies and Procedures Commission is responsible for policies, elections, credentials, goals, and periodic reviewing, editing, and updating of the constitution and other documents. In addition, the commission, upon request by a local affiliate or one of its members, will review challenges to local elections and present its findings to the AEA Board of Directors.

The recommendation form should be returned by April 30, 2014.

2014  Recommendation for AEA Commissions Form

Recommendation for AEA Commissions Printable Form

Date: 04/10/14
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