National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Revises Certification Policy

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) has revised its policy from renewal to maintenance of certification (MOC). This will require Board-certified teachers to demonstrate their knowledge and skills every five years in order to keep their certificate current. While MOC development will happen in the coming years, NBPTS is working to keep the price and process for candidates similar to completion of a single certification component.

This change will take effect for candidates who certify in 2017 and later. As such, the first cycle of MOC will be 2020-2021. See the table below to see how this transition will affect how you extend your certificate.

Certificate expiration diagram

Why now? From policy to practice, the education field has seen tremendous change in the more than 20 years since the first group of teachers achieved Board certification. The dynamics within classrooms and schools change even more rapidly.

These realities have made it increasingly important to signal to both the public and policymakers that the profession is monitoring the knowledge and skills of its members. Indeed, true to the spirit of the profession setting its own path, this move was led by Board-certified teachers and adopted by the NBCTs and others who govern National Board policy. NBPTS ensures that teachers continue to define the standards and expectations that they will be measured by.

A five-year certificate aligns with 40 state licensure systems that have moved to a five-year renewal period. With this change, the National Board will be actively seeking to move states and districts to accept National Board maintenance of certification in lieu of renewal of state licensure. This would serve to further elevate the profession.

NBPTS has shared this update with candidates. Information about this update is also available at

Date: 03/22/15
Category: Announcements

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