Local Education Association Committed to Student Safety

AlbertvilleESPSafety of students is the number one priority of every Albertville City School employee. With this in mind, it is only natural that those serving as dedicated ACS support professionals are tirelessly committed to preventing issues and keeping kids from harm’s way. For example, everyone in the transportation department knows first-hand that to be prepared for the unexpected is expected. Due to their attention to safety, students are picked up and delivered to and from the schools without incident each and every day. Child nutrition professionals work day in and day out amid sharp implements and extreme temperatures using special precaution in preparing each and every meal so that no harm befalls a child in our school lunchrooms. Custodians take particular care to make sure the cleaning supplies are non-toxic, potential spills don’t become potential slips or falls, and that the classroom environment is not only pleasantly clean but also secure for kids to learn. Our technicians, nurses, classroom aides, and school secretaries are ever mindful of the students and making safety the first objective. Parents rest easy knowing that verification protocol is used before allowing children to leave the facilities; that appropriate medical attention is on-site; that the use of technology and even the working order of the facilities is closely monitored for potential hazard to children. Taking each and every duty to heart, all Albertville City School Support Professionals value the precious cargo with which they are entrusted.

So when called upon to go above and beyond and do even more to protect the kids attending Albertville City Schools, Frank May (local association president and bus driver) and the members of the Albertville Education Support Professionals (AESP) were more than willing to help. AESP, a local affiliate of the Alabama Education Association, took on a community service project to provide each and every Albertville City School System crossing guard a DOT certified jacket that meets first responder criteria. These four dedicated officers will have this added layer of protection now issued as part of the official uniform from the city police department. Not only will the jackets keep them warm and dry in inclement weather, they add to the visibility of each crossing guard, a major bonus considering their position.

“Members of the Albertville Education Support Professionals Association are hard-working, dedicated individuals who have a calling to work with kids,” said Frank May. “We strive each and every day so that not only do the students thrive but that the school system and our members do so as well. By taking care of kids, it benefits everyone – not just here, right now…but for the future.

If by supporting the safety of the crossing guards we support the overall safety of the students and parents, well then we can go about doing our jobs knowing we have done what is right,” said Frank.

Date: 01/06/16
Category: Association, Home

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