Legislature votes to remove AEA head from retirement board

The Alabama Legislature voted on Thursday to remove the executive secretary of the Alabama Education Association from the board that oversees the Teachers’ Retirement System in Alabama and replace him with people representing universities.

The House approved the bill 61-42 and the Senate voted 17-14 to agree. The bill now goes to Gov. Robert Bentley, whose staff indicated Thursday that the administration would review the bill thoroughly before deciding whether to sign it.

“This is another classic attempt to be punitive against public education,” said Henry Mabry, executive secretary of the AEA, about removing him from the Board of Control for the TRS.

The version approved on Thursday would remove the AEA executive secretary and add two members representing universities in the state, increasing the board by one to 15 members. Full article…

Date: 05/10/13
Category: Political

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