Bentley rethinks tax credits

Says they weren’t ‘designed to help private education’

Prattville Progress – Gov. Robert Bentley said Monday morning he was considering changes to the state’s controversial Accountability Act, which extends tax credits to families of children in failing schools for use in non-failing public schools or private ones.

Bentley, who signed the Accountability Act on March 14, said no final decision had been made, and he did not specify what he was reviewing in a bill passed last week that changes testing provisions in the law and makes it clear that schools can refuse to accept students who qualify for the credit.

But his comments, made after a speech at the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce, appeared directed at potential benefits to private schools. “The bill, in my mind, was never designed to help private education. “It was designed to get failing schools out of that status. And that’s my goal.”

Bentley said he would make a decision by the middle of the week. More…

Date: 05/14/13
Category: Political

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