Association of Classroom Teachers (ACT)

The Association of Classroom Teachers (ACT) is now accepting nominations for ACT Board of Directors.

ACT District Directors shall have been members of the Association of Classroom Teachers for one (1) year prior to the election and will also serve for two (2) years. Each nomination must be accompanied by a written statement from the nominee of his or her consent to become a candidate.

District director positions up for election are:
District 1 – Minority – Two-year term
District 2 – White – Two-year term
District 3 – White – Two-year term
District 4 – White – Two-year term
District 5 – White – Two-year term
District 6 – Minority – Two-year term
District 7 – Minority – Two-year term

Printable Copy of Nomination Form

Nominations for the above positions must be received at AEA Headquarters by December 15, 2017, 4:45 p.m. Please send to AEA, Attn: Bonita English, ACT President and Dr. Pamela Fossett, Education Policy & Professional Practice Manager, PO Box 4177, Montgomery, AL 36103-4177.

Mission of ACT

  • Give added STRENGTH to the local, state, regional, and national professional organizations.
  • Stimulate professional GROWTH and leadership.
  • Foster democratic classroom teacher participation within schools in the formulation of educational policies.
  • Encourage teachers to assume responsibilities as citizens and EXERCISE their rights and privileges.
  • Work for a higher QUALITY of teaching to promote the welfare of classroom teachers and maintain academic freedom.

What Has ACT Done For You?

  • Promoted the Network for Alabama Teaching Fellows
  • Planned for development of suicide prevention resources 
  • Addressed issues of College- and Career-Ready Standards through formulation of a White Paper
  • Developed EDUCATEAlabama Resource Guide for formative teacher evaluation
  • Created Substitute Teacher Training & Handbook
  • Collaborated with Alabama State Department of Education to develop Models of Collaboration training module for instruction of students with special needs
  • Presented professional teaching and learning opportunities
  • Preserved and strengthened the classroom teacher’s voice

Why Join ACT?

  • Impact instructional decisions
  • Build leadership skills and promote academic excellence.
  • Address and formulate instructional positions through the ACT Representative Assembly.
  • Work for a higher quality of teaching.
  • Promote the welfare of classroom teachers.
  • Address issues of importance to classroom teachers, provide high-quality professional learning activities and develop proposals for improving the instructional program.

For more information on ACT, please contact AEA Education Policy and Professional Policy Manager Dr. Pamela Fossett or EPPP Administrative Assistant Kynesha Brown.