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The AEA Policies and Procedures Committee met on Friday, April 28, 2017, to canvass the AEA Runoff Elections. All results are posted below.  2016-17 AEA Runoff Election Results Runoff Election Winners are: AEA President Sherry Tucker AEA District 2 Director         Elaine Carter AEA District 4 Director         Laura Hill AEA […]

Date: 04/29/17
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AEA is searching for qualified applicants for the following positions: AEA UniServ Specialist – Member Advocacy and Outreach – For more information, please contact Amy Marlowe, Assistant Executive Director for Member Advocacy and Outreach, Alabama Education Association, P.O. Box 4177, Montgomery, Alabama 36103. See Job Vacancy Posting and Job Description for more details. Deadline: May 12, […]

Date: 04/28/17
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Date: 04/25/17
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Date: 04/20/17
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The Alabama Education Association will offer its 28th version of the Emerging Leaders School in conjunction with the 2017 AEA Leadership Conference to be held June 15-17 in Mobile. The Emerging Leaders School will start a day earlier – June 14. Application forms must be received at the AEA Headquarters by 4:45 p.m., Friday, April […]

Date: 03/10/17
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The AEA Policies and Procedures Committee met on Friday, February 10, 2017, to canvass the AEA Regular Elections. All results are posted below. There will be runoff elections for AEA President, AEA District 2 Director, AEA District 4 Director, and AEA District 6 Director. 2016-17 Summary of AEA Election Results  2016-17 Grand Totals Report of […]

Date: 02/10/17
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A hearing was held December 21 in Montgomery County Circuit Court before Hon. Johnny Hardwick in the Remington v. Swindle litigation, commonly known as the PEEHIP lawsuit.  For nearly two hours, lawyers for both sides argued issues of fact and points of law.  AEA contends that, on April 26, the PEEHIP Board conducted a single […]

Date: 12/21/16
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Recognizing that AEA’s classroom teachers possess a great deal of experience and expertise to be shared with colleagues around instructional and teacher leadership issues, the Association of Classroom Teachers (ACT) is initiating the Dr. Tyna Davis Innovation in Education Scholarship. Seven (7) $500 scholarships for innovative teaching and learning projects to be implemented in Alabama’s […]

Date: 12/20/16
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At the December meeting of the PEEHIP Board of Control, several Board members attempted to have the recent PEEHIP increases reversed. Their efforts failed by the slimmest of margins, 8-7, after Teacher Representative Ricky Whaley and Chair Luke Hallmark both made the comment that everyone they had spoken with “was okay” with the premium and […]

Date: 12/20/16
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The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires each state to submit plans for implementation by Spring 2017.  Governor Robert Bentley created a state implementation committee to develop a plan to implement ESSA in Alabama. The first draft of key decisions in the ESSA State Plan was presented to the Alabama State Board of Education on […]

Date: 12/12/16
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