Bill would remove AEA chief from retirement board

A House committee Wednesday approved legislation that would add two representatives of four-year colleges to the Board of Control of the Teachers’ Retirement System, while removing AEA executive secretary Henry Mabry and an elected support personnel representative.

Sen. Gerald Allen, R-Tuscaloosa, met with the House committee to answer questions about the bill he had sponsored.

He said representatives of four-year colleges need seats on a board that controls their retirement benefits, while stating his belief that the board needs to be limited to 14 members.

“The current board has 14, and I think it’d be reasonable to keep the number as it is,” he said.

Allen’s original bill removed Mabry and an individual representing support personnel off the Board of Control, but the Senate restored both individuals to the board prior to passing the legislation April 23.

The AEA executive secretary is an ex-officio member.

Mabry said he expected the House committee to remove the two positions.

“That’s no surprise,” Mabry said in an interview Wednesday, following the committee action. “We anticipated they would do that. It’s just another punitive measure against teachers and education and support professionals.” More…

Date: 05/02/13
Category: Political

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