Member Assault

AEA Member Assault Protection Plan (MAPP)


Free to AEA members

AEA members know the rising tide of assaults that are occurring in the field of public education.

Whether it is in the classroom, the gym, the cafeteria, or on the school bus, members deserve additional protection from assault from parents, guardians, and students.

Here’s how the MAPP benefit works:

  • This benefit is free to all AEA membership categories when the member is actively employed and paid by a board of education or public employer.
  • To qualify for this benefit, the member must file an official complaint with local law enforcement authorities, obtain a copy of the police report, complete a MAPP form, and forward all related documentation to AEA.
  • AEA will pay up to $5,000 per occurrence for an attorney, if the local district attorney fails to bring appropriate legal charges to prosecute any parent, guardian, student, or person who physically assaults a member while the member is performing an authorized school function or participating in assigned job-related activities. (Assault by another AEA member is not covered under this program.)
  • All claims must be filed with AEA within 45 days of the assault. AEA membership must be in effect at the time of the assault.

If an assault occurs while you are on the job or performing a required school function, here’s what you do:

  • File an official complaint against the perpetrator with local law enforcement officials.
  • Obtain a copy of the police report or sheriff’s report of the incident.
  • Complete and file a MAPP form, with all documentation, within 45 days of the incident to:

Theron Stokes, Associate Executive Director
AEA Legal Department
P. O. Box 4177, Montgomery, AL 36103-4177

  • Coverage does not apply when an assault occurs between AEA members.
  • AEA, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to expend funds under this program.
  • AEA will not provide benefits under circumstances implicating malicious prosecution or other such claims.

To receive your MAPP form, contact your local UniServ Director.