Be A Leader

Be a Hometown Leader

Local associations need leaders because they are the eyes and ears regarding the operations of local schools and school policies that affect students and employees. Every school system in Alabama has a local association, and its members elect the officers of their local. There are bylaws that explain how officers are elected, duties of officers, and organization structure. Your local association is affiliated with the Alabama Education Association. Add your voice and the voices of teachers and employees to the discussion of important local issues that affect your school. You can help activate local members, and, if you want to, seek to be the leader of your association. You can learn more about local leadership in AEA’s Local Leader Handbook.

Be a recognized voice for your school

The person dedicated to fostering conversations among AEA members on the local level is the Association Representative. This person is active in communicating and informing educators and making the local and state association aware of local problems and actions. Learn about the importance of an Association Representative by reading AEA’s Association Representative Handbook.

Communication among educators is paramount to the professional health of a public school. Your local association is the platform for conversation about important issues that affect your school, your employment, and the direction of education from the state level.

If you want to be an Association Representative, contact your UniServ Director.

Super Leader Training

Take the first step towards meaningful membership.

The AEA Emerging Leaders School introduces potential leaders to the association and provides experience and training to prepare them for future leadership roles in AEA, both local and statewide. The program is designed to discover and foster leadership talent and help potential leaders become involved in promoting the organization at the local, state, and national level. AEA provides scholarships for members who are interested in attending.

Contact Terri Walker for more information about Emerging Leaders School.