AEA Elections

Membership is Good Citizenship

AEA is the largest democratically organized professional association in Alabama, and almost every leadership position is elected by the membership. The more you become involved, the more you vote, the stronger your professional association will become. Your vote elects the education professionals who set the agenda for AEA and in many cases for your local schools.

The following positions are elected by the membership:

  • Local officers
  • Delegates to the AEA Delegate Assembly
  • Delegates to the NEA Representative Assembly
  • President of AEA
  • Vice-president of AEA
  • Board members of AEA
  • Officers of AEA divisions: (Education Support Professionals, Administrators, Postsecondary)
  • Board members of the Teachers’ Retirement System/PEEHIP
  • Officers of the Alabama Education Retirees Association

AEA has seven board districts. Each district has three directors who sit on the AEA Board. The district directors serve a staggered three-year term so each year a director for each district is elected. AEA holds elections every year for all open positions on the AEA Board. Also included in these elections are the NEA state delegate positions for each district. These delegates are elected to represent the state at the NEA Representative Assembly. The ESP, Postsecondary, and Administrator Division elections are held concurrently with the AEA regular elections. If you have any questions about these elections, please contact Tina Collins in the AEA Business Office.

Each year, the AEA Policies and Procedures Commission submits the elections rules along with the current timeline and open positions to the AEA Board for approval. You can find links to all elections information and nomination forms below when available. Note: The Association of Classroom Teachers elections are conducted by the Education Policy and Professional Practice Department of AEA. Contact Kynesha Brown for more information.

In what district am I? Your AEA district and your UniServ district are not the same number. There are only seven AEA districts, while there are 30 UniServ districts. You must use your AEA district when running for any board position or for state NEA delegate. Check the AEA Board of Directors district map below to check in which district you are located.

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Equally important is the need to be involved in local elections for state senators, state representatives, and state and local school board positions. We must elect people who support the value of public education in Alabama. The AEA Delegate Assembly meets annually in December. Approximately 1,000 members, locally elected leaders, come together to debate and adopt resolutions that steer the annual actions of the Association. Talk to your local leaders or your UniServ Director about how to become a delegate to participate in the AEA Delegate Assembly.

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