AEA members participate in local professional development opportunities

Held during the course of the summer, many AEA members attended local Leadership Trainings in every corner of the state. These annual sessions are unrivaled by any other education association and give members an opportunity to learn about a host of different issues helpful to their professional development.

UniServ Directors, one of the cornerstones of AEA’s organizational structure, are your Association’s on-the-ground local representatives, who organize and hold these local training sessions every year.

The trainings are open to all members and offer sessions designed to enhance and equip members with valuable information pertinent to the education profession. With knowledge comes power, and members are subsequently better armed with the tools they need to help lead and advise their local association as well as other employees within their work site.

Topics within the trainings included sessions on issues such as retirement, laws and how they affect members (on-the-job injury, sick leave, due process rights, etc.), AEA and NEA member benefits, how to handle social media in the classroom, special education, current legislative issues, and how to get involved politically.

To learn more, contact your UniServ Director or plan to join a leadership training in your area next summer.

Date: 08/08/14
Category: Conferences

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