Because of the strength of almost 100,000 members, AEA provides a broad range of benefits to help save money for every member and the entire family. There is a constant stream of Deals and Discounts that provide for entertaining and shopping combined with a bucketful of savings. Our ACCESS program with a mobile phone application gives you instant access to savings wherever you are.

Beyond deals and discounts, AEA provides a range of Legal Benefits to allow education professionals to feel secure in the execution of their duties, knowing that AEA legal services will always be standing along side them as they proceed through their career.

But that’s not all. All types of insurance plans to programs to help you find the correct financial programs to save for the future are available to AEA members. AEA has acquired some of the strongest programs to help members, all with excellent savings.

Whether it is professional development opportunities, saving for the future, protecting your family with the right insurance, to shopping discounts, the value of an AEA membership exceeds the investment in membership.


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