It’s Finally Here!

This is HUGE! HUGE!

Health care costs increase. No substantial raises. We know how bad it is. 
AEA doesn’t accept the status quo – we ACT! And we have a visionary solution!

With the AEA MedNetwork member benefit, your AEA membership covers your primary care visit copays beginning September 1 in select counties and expanding statewide during the 2017-18 school year. With rising costs of insurance and no substantial raises, we know Alabama educators need a break. That’s why for the past 18 months, AEA staff has worked diligently to create this new benefit exclusively for our members.

AEA understands how valuable your time is and how difficult it can be to get an after-school appointment. In addition to your AEA membership covering your primary care visit copays, AEA has also negotiated reserved appointments for our members. A certain number of appointments will be held out each day for AEA members. Members will be able to log on to the MedNetwork website or download the MedNetwork app, choose their doctor, see available appointments, and schedule appointments. You will also be able to call the toll free MedNetwork phone number to make an appointment. It’s fast and easy!

Every AEA member will receive a MedNetwork membership card that must be used at every appointment. The cards will be distributed by your local UniServ director and mailed to non-medicare eligible retirees. AEA members, their spouses, and dependents who are currently on their insurance are eligible to take advantage of this benefit.

AEA MedNetwork has been specifically designed to lighten the load of educators. We’ve watched insurance premiums increase, copays rise, and additional time-consuming responsibilities be placed on educators. This benefit respects both your dollars and your time.

Further information will be provided in the September issue of the Alabama School Journal. For the latest updates, including timelines for your county, visit AEA on Facebook and Twitter. Get instant updates on your devices by texting “AEA” to 80123.


Have questions? This may help! 

Who is covered?

All AEA members and non-Medicare eligible retirees, their spouse, and dependents that are on the members’ current insurance plan.

How much will it cost?

Absolutely nothing! AEA has always worked for members to keep more money in their pockets. This cost-saving benefit is projected to save AEA members millions of dollars in the very first year.

Am I limited to doctors in my county?

Members can go to any participating doctor anywhere in the state. For example, if you live in Cullman County you can visit a participating doctor in Jefferson County.

When can I make an appointment?

Beginning September 1 in select counties and expanding statewide during the 2017-2018 school year.

Is this additional insurance?

Absolutely not! AEA MedNetwork is NOT an insurance program. It is a member benefit designed by AEA to relieve both the financial and time-consuming stress of primary care doctor visits.

Date: 08/11/17
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