2016-17 AEA Elections Results

The AEA Policies and Procedures Committee met on Friday, February 10, 2017, to canvass the AEA Regular Elections. All results are posted below. There will be runoff elections for AEA President, AEA District 2 Director, AEA District 4 Director, and AEA District 6 Director.

2016-17 Summary of AEA Election Results 
2016-17 Grand Totals Report of AEA Election Results
2016-17 Ballot Positions for Runoff Elections

Ballots for Runoff Elections will be mailed March 3, 2017 for the following positions:

AEA President
        Sylvester James
        Sherry Tucker

AEA District 2 Director
        Pamela D. West
        Elaine Carter

AEA District 4 Director
        TaTanisha Sayles
        Laura Hill

AEA District 6 Director
        Michael Wesley, Jr.
        Cassandra F. Childress



Date: 02/10/17
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