2015 Leadership Conference Session Descriptors

Division Representative Assemblies   
In an effort to better serve our members, we have combined the Representative Assemblies for each division within the annual Leadership Conference. This time will be used to discuss possible resolutions and issues facing each division along with those facing the Alabama Education Association. The process for deciding upon resolutions and all other aspects of the Representative Assembly will be discussed during these sessions. It is important that all members understand how this democratic process works.

Be the News – Don’t Make the News
This session will help you learn how to get your point across in basic media: broadcast, interactive and print. You will learn how to use the news media to connect with other members, voters, parents and the public.

Building Association and Community Collaboration
As you know, there are attacks being waged against public education and public education employees every day by those who believe the Association is the problem. This session will help you with strategies to build community partnerships that will, in turn, strengthen public education. Everyone has a stake in public education; the key is helping communities realize how a strong public education system affects our communities and our economy.

Changing the Culture of Your Local – Member-to-Member
If it matters to one member, it matters to all! Learn to develop strength in your local by engaging members so they realize that a united voice, common in cause, does make a difference.

Charter School Bill – It Will Affect You
As you know, charter school legislation has passed. This session will help you process this piece of legislation and its affect on you, your job and the students you work with each day.

Fiduciary Responsibilities for Local Officers – What is My Role as a Fiduciary?
This training session will discuss the duties of officers and board members as fiduciaries within their association. The session will include a brief primer on the duties of care, good faith, loyalty and obedience, and will help leaders understand their fiduciary responsibilities when making decisions for the association.

Generation Next Leaders
Sustaining a local requires planning. Equip the younger members of your local with the tools they need to continue the work of the association and fill future leadership roles. Everyone has something to contribute!

Hands Off – TNT
This workshop will explain how vitally important it is that public education employees conduct themselves as a professional at all times in their communication and activities when interacting with students, parents, and colleagues. There will also be discussion of the danger when public education employees do not make right choices in these situations.

Human Trafficking – Prevention at the School Door
Sadly, this is more common than we realize – students in junior and high school are being recruited. Do you know the signs and what to do if you suspect a student is being targeted for human trafficking? Join in on this important topic and learn how you can help prevent it.

Laws that all Public Education Employees  Must Know
Laws affecting education employment are constantly changing. This workshop will discuss the laws, recent changes, and how employees can protect themselves by being knowledgeable of the laws.

Member Benefits – Savings Worth the Cost
Have you learned how to make the most of your money by using AEA and NEA Member Benefits? Join us for a lively discussion of travel, insurance, financial services, everyday discounts, and professional resources available to members to save hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

Membership Recruitment and Member Involvement
Ever heard a co-worker say, “I get the same benefits you do: salary increases, health insurance, retirement, etc., so why should I be an AEA member?” The fact is without a strong membership base, all of your hard earned benefits are in danger of being taken away. This session will help you learn to recruit members, even those who have been holding out for years! Now more than ever, it is important that we all stand together as one to protect the rights of our members – and membership is the only way AEA can protect you.

PEEHIP – What’s Next?
If you have ever been sick, then you know how important having insurance is. This session will provide you with the latest information about changes in PEEHIP and how they will affect you.

Politics All Around Us – A Legislative Update
Several education laws were passed and amended during the 2015 session of the Alabama Legislature. Come learn how these will affect you as you perform your job each day.

Power of Participation
Want to be effective as a leader? Then this is the session for you! You will learn to empower and organize others to assist in resolving issues facing members in your local.

Professional Issues Organizing
Are you confused about organizing? Do you think you know what the issues are on your campus but unsure if you are right? Come to this fun step-by-step organizing around professional issues session. You will enjoy learning and/or refreshing your memory on essential educational terms and engaging in interactive conversations with colleagues about best practices in the school setting and organizing. Want to organize your school site in exciting ways to improve teaching and learning? Membership grows when you are excited about the profession and your message. Come to this session and get excited about organizing around professional issues.

Say What? Fundamentals of Great Public Speaking
Does the very thought of speaking in public frighten you? This is a great session to help you beat the “umms, ahhs” and polish your skills so that you confidently communicate your message, regardless of how large or small your audience!

Special Education – Bill of Rights for the Dyslexic Student
Students with dyslexia can effectively learn with appropriate educational interventions and teaching methods tailored to their specific learning disability.

Training for Experienced Presidents and Vice Presidents
This workshop is designed to train experienced local presidents and vice presidents to lead the local association into a new level of activism in the areas of issue organizing, building effective and reliable association representative systems, engaging members in association activities, increasing membership, and building a strong leadership team.

Training for New Presidents and Vice Presidents
New presidents and vice presidents need a thorough understanding of their role and responsibilities in the association. This workshop will provide you with the skills you need as a new leader to provide the vision and leadership for a strong, active local.

Training for Secretaries
This workshop will train local association secretaries to be part of a strong local association leadership team, while taking care of the job as a secretary. Secretaries will be provided information on writing and presenting minutes, maintaining association records, and handling correspondence.

Training for Treasurers
This workshop will train local association treasurers to be part of a strong local association leadership team, while making sure that the finances of the local association are properly managed. Treasurers will learn how to handle the financial details of the local association including preparing budgets; understanding IRS rules and regulations; regular audits; bookkeeping procedures; and membership transmittals, if applicable.

True Colors
Most of us have a dominant or bright color and are influenced or shaded by the other three colors, thus creating our True Colors Spectrum. True Colors establishes a common language by which we communicate core motivations, needs, and behaviors. Once you recognize the True Colors in yourself and others, you will be able to respond more appropriately and concisely in your varied communication settings. Association members will be able to understand their colleagues and will communicate more effectively with them in our organizing culture after attending the True Colors training.

Date: 05/13/15
Category: Conferences

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